StarShine Is More than Academic

Our Students Get Hired for Great Jobs

StarShine prepares children much further than for standardized tests . We know we are trusted with your child for 13 years and we take our job seriously. We prepare each student individually for a future of realizing their individual dreams, not only in academics but executive protocol and empowerment in body, mind, spirit, health, wealth and happiness. We teach them the StarShine 15 Guiding Principles.

We are used as an international laboratory, and as a lighthouse model for others to follow, for schools and teacher preparation worldwide from the United Kingdom, Italy, Liberia, Mexico, China, India and many other places.

StarShine opened after the disasters of 9/11/01 to become a beam for communities in preparing peaceful, knowledgable, creative, empathetic, respectful leaders for communities and for our future.

Our children learn to be powerful, kind and smart...each and every, one. Their parents learn how amazing their children are.

Founder Trish McCarty in the garden with a student

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