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StarShine to host Native Ceremony for Day of International Peace

Native Havasupi Grand Canyon Medicine Man and Shaman: Uqualla Creating Ceremony at StarShine

Uqualla and Mayan Shaman

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'Underdog' basketball team makes it to state championships

High school basketball championships don't always make the news. But when one of the teams makes it there in their first year, after starting the season with no uniforms, that's a different story.StarShine Stingers Win 2nd in Arizona State Championships Varsity Basketball

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Varsity Boys Basketball Team Going to State Championships!!! StarShine Stingers Basketball Team after winning the game

Congratulations to our Varsity Boys Basketball team for making it to the Arizona State Basketball Championship game! This game will be played at the SunsTalking Stick Resort Downtown Phoenix Arena Friday, February 24th at 4:00PM. If you would like to pick your student up early and drive them to the game on Friday, please come to the front office on Friday to sign them out.

The Highest Jumper StarShine Stingers Basketball Team 

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StarShine Is More than Academic Our Students Get Hired for Great Jobs

StarShine is an academic school accredited and recognized by the highest standards from AdvancED National and International Accreditation and ASHOKA, one of only 200 world "changing" schools.

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Pope Francis Endorses Workshop Recommendation to Ask World Leaders to Teach Peace to Children Trish and Steve McCarty Meet and are invited to lunch with Pope Francis
World-Changing... Pope Francis calls on all leaders to better educate our children as the only real means to sustainability.

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XPRIZE For Ending Illiteracy Worldwide
StarShine Accepts Challenge: XPrize for Global Learning Peter Diamandis, Founder XPRIZES

On September 25, 2014 StarShine Founder, Trish McCarty met XPrize Founder, Peter Diamandis to learn of his Grand Challenge to bring education to over 250 million children worldwide. He is a great visionary of our time and has already solved many problems. Read more at

We need to build a massive groundswell in order to accomplish this important work. We have various options to help you to help us, hopefully creative enough for you to step forward, say "Yes, let's get this done" and to become our ears, eyes and mouths to accomplish this. We have individuals, companies, universities, politicians, students and governments backing us, and we want everybody. In a project of this mass, everybody's ideas count, even if the ideas aren't used for anything other than questioning our position. This is going to be an awesome ride, perhaps a world game-changer and if we are fortunate, a real giant step toward building a more peaceful, sustainable community and world... What StarShine has been after since day one. For those of you who have always been behind us, hang on for the blast! And for those of you just hearing about StarShine for the very first time, you're going to experience the StarShine Effect and you will fall in love. Consider a sponsorship to give your company exposure for the length of the contest, approximately three years. You can become a sponsor for as little as $1000 per year. To join the XTEAM go to

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