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Notice of Public Meeting and Agenda for Corporate and Governing Board Members of StarShine Academy on May 15, 2012

Monday, May 13th, 2013

May 15, 2013, 10:00 A.M.
Arizona State University At SkySong Innovation Center
Scottsdale Road and McDowell Road
And StarShine Academy VIA TELECONFERENCE 712-432-7607 pin: 87087#
Pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) 38-431.01 and 38-431.02, notice is hereby given to the members of the general public that the meeting of the CORPORATE and GOVERNING Board of Directors of StarShine Academy shall be held at the foregoing time and place to discuss and authorize action upon the following agenda items, but not limited to these items:
1. Identification of Time, Place and Location of Meeting
2. Identification of Present and Absent Board Members
3. Approval of Board Meeting Minutes April 26, 2013
4. Items for Discussion:
• Status of StarShine Academy Construction Project
• Introductions to Team Members involved in the project
• School Calendar for 2013-2014
• Call to Public
5. Date, Time and Location of Next Meeting: June 27, 2012 10:00A.M.; June 27, 2012 10:30A.M.

Pursuant to A.R.S. 38-431.03.A.2 and A.3, each Board may vote to go into Executive Session, which will not be open to the public, for legal advice concerning any item on the agenda or to review, discuss and consider records exempt by law from public inspection, including the receipt and discussion of information or testimony that is specifically required to be maintained as confidential by state or federal law. One or more members of the above mentioned Board may attend the foregoing meeting by teleconference from StarShine Academy.
Dated and Posted this 13th day of May, 2013 By Trish McCarty, President, StarShine Academy

Dr. Davies going to Switzerland.

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011
Our Chief Solutions Architect, Dr. Byron Davies, is on his way to Switzerland to perform an act of scientific gratitude.
Among the many fields of knowledge that StarShine brings to bear on children’s learning is systems engineering, introduced to StarShine by our great mentor Jack Ring.  Systems engineering helps us understand how everything fits together as a system, from the individual child learning math to the envisioned StarShine Planet with thousands of schools, tens of thousands of teachers, and hundreds of thousands or millions of students.  Systems engineering instructs us on the benefits of smaller schools, and on the best configurations to ensure that kids and teachers can learn productively together.
Even esteemed mentors have mentors, and one of Jack Ring’s key mentors is a Swiss gentleman named Rudolph Starkermann, or Rudy for short.  Rudy is a systems engineer’s systems engineer.  He’s the person that one of the world’s biggest engineering companies sends around the world to solve systems problems that practically no one else can solve. For example, if a new billion-dollar electrical generating facility can’t seem to work reliably, Rudy goes in to make things work.
Beyond his practical work, Rudy has done eye-opening research in how people succeed and fail in working together.  While fixing engineering problems around the world, he found that many problems thought to be technical were actually human and organizational.  The problems were not so much with the machines but with the people responsible for the machines.  This inspired Rudy to apply the techniques and mathematics of systems engineering to human systems.
Through theoretical analysis and computational simulations, Rudy figured out how people work in groups.  He analyzed groups with as few as two people and groups with larger numbers of people, and came up with some fascinating results.  For example, he figured out the optimal way for two people to achieve maximum productivity in problem solving.  As another example, he figured out that five is effectively the largest size for an effective problem solving group — beyond that, the communication patterns between the individuals become too complicated to manage.  Starshine leverages knowledge like this to ensure maximum effectiveness as a learning community.
Rudy is now growing old — he’s 87 — and his vision is fading.  Another StarShine systems engineering mentor, Bill Livingston (who designs nuclear plants in his sleep), suggested that “someone” should assist Rudy in ensuring that his collected works actually get collected.  In addition to many paper documents and books, Rudy has electronic documents and simulation models stored on a 1996 Mac computer that has never been fully backed up.
Our own Dr. Byron Davies volunteered to be that someone.  With financial assistance from Bill Livingston and an anonymous donor, Byron will spend 12 days in Wuerenlos, Switzerland, near Zurich, working with Rudy to compile and catalog his works.  If you look on a map, you’ll see that Wuerenlos is in one of the few parts of Switzerland without mountains.  The weather in Switzerland at this time of year is fog, rain, and snow, so Byron fears that he may spend his time in Switzerland without even seeing a mountain.  But even though he has a mountainous task ahead of him, he looks forward to helping Rudy deliver his collected works to the world.

Back to School Quotes

Monday, August 8th, 2011

When a subject becomes totally obsolete we make it a required course. ~Peter Drucker

Children have to be educated, but they have also to be left to educate themselves. ~Abbé Dimnet, Art of Thinking, 1928

Much education today is monumentally ineffective.  All too often we are giving young people cut flowers when we should be teaching them to grow their own plants.  ~John W. Gardner

When the student is ready, the master appears. ~Buddhist Proverb

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. ~Chinese Proverb

The mediocre teacher tells.  The good teacher explains.  The superior teacher demonstrates.  The great teacher inspires. ~William Arthur Ward

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. ~Sydney J. Harris

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. ~John Dewey

The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder. ~Ralph W. Sockman

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. ~Author unknown, commonly attributed to Benjamin Franklin

Education is a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army. ~Edward Everett

He who opens a school door, closes a prison. ~Victor Hugo

At a time when many are wringing their hands and lamenting the state of education a small but powerful force has emerged as a source of hope … StarShine.

Public Notice for Budgets 2011-2012

Friday, July 1st, 2011

StarShine Academy CTDS: 078992000

This is a notification that the above mentioned School District/Charter School will be having a public hearing and board meeting to adopt its Fiscal Year 2012 Expenditure Budget. Meeting Date: 7/11/2012 Time: 4:00 PM Location: Street Address: 2801 N 31st Street Bldg:   Rm/Ste:   City: Phoenix State: AZ Zip: 85008 A copy of the agenda of the matters to be discussed or decided at the meeting may be obtained by contacting:

Contact Name: Trish McCarty Phone: 602 957-9557 Email Address: Phone Ext:   The information above is posted on ADE’s Web site pursuant to A.R.S. §15-905(C) and is not intended to satisfy Open Meeting Law requirements under A.R.S. §38-431.02 et seq. Comments:

To See The Complete Proposed Budget Please Follow This Link:

StarShine Goes to Stanford

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

Stanford is an amazing university. First, the setting is stunning. Every student should be so lucky to attend a school such as this. No matter where you look, the beauty is incredible. Gardens, detailed architecture, design of everything related to everything; one just feels more special, maybe even more intelligent, in this setting.

Dr. Byron Davies, Chief Systems Synthesist, who is in charge of StarShine’s data architecture, graduated with a Ph.D. from Stanford. He was invited along with me to attend a summit of two hundred people to focus on the urgent need to fix K-12 education in America and throughout the world. The Global Education meeting was hosted by the President of Stanford, John Hennessy, and Goldman Sachs (can you believe it?) because they are both saying that for over one hundred years we have ignored K-12 and now if we don’t fix it, America will not be able to survive economically or peacefully. President John Hennessy is calling for every person in America to help K-12 teachers and classrooms as the most pressing economic problem today. He has devoted every department of Stanford to have an initiative focused on K-12. Goldman Sachs predicts that more money will be made in K-12 for a longer, sustained time than in all previous sectors combined in history. They are saying the demand is worldwide and the market has been so ignored for so long it has created an almost unbelievable upside opportunity. And it will save kids and families.

We already knew about it. Maybe it will become the “In” career for the next part of life for the nearly 11,000 people per day, turning 60 years old, with the United States alone having about 78 million baby boomers. This group is the most passionate about saving our education system and is the most educated group on the planet. And according to a recent study, if you make it to sixty years old, chances are 95% that you will make it to eighty-five, so people will need to have something worthwhile to do.

StarShine was the only K-12 school at the conference and we have nine years of statistics to prove and share what we have learned. Our great friend and long-term partner, President Angel Cabrera from Thunderbird Global Management University in Phoenix, was there for the whole time and spent quite a bit of time with us talking about StarShine. We also got to spend time with John Sperling, University of Phoenix founder, and Michael Milken, who spends 100% of his time trying to change medicine and education.

It is going to get exciting around here. :)

Trish McCarty
StarShine Academy

How to Change Our Next Generation

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Changing our next generation begins with the parents. Imagine a world filled with strong, functional, effective and loving families, who are led by committed, compassionate, knowledgeable and well-trained adults. Adults who know and love themselves; who know how to parent their children, taking their role as parent seriously and have learned how to match the joy and playfulness that their children bring into the world with the humor, perspective, tenderness, vision and wisdom that world class parents bring into the equation. Imagine the change that would resonate throughout the world, one parent- one family at a time.

StarShine was founded on the idea that we can turn children into peaceful and productive citizens through our holistic curriculum addressing the entire individual- mind, body, spirit, health, wealth and happiness. We proved that children from any socioeconomic background could transform their lives because our curriculum wasn’t primarily education oriented, but was community and family based as well. We reach out to their parents indirectly by involving them in our community events such as the StarShine Farmers Market and our annual holiday festivals. Before our school opened up 8 years ago, the neighborhood had the highest drive by shooting rate in all of the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Today, the community is ranked as one of the safest, with a newly opened StarBucks on the corner solidifying the amount of change our school has had on the community.

Through our teachers and administrators’ efforts we proved that any parent has the ability to relate to and connect with their children. It’s possible for anyone to raise independent, responsible young adults well and without unnecessary worry and hassle. Having the right mindset is the key; clear strategies, and relevant and effective tools- and that’s truer now than ever before. If you’re a parent, parent-to-be, parent surrogates or a grandparent, you are very aware that you are in a real competition for the hearts and minds of your kids and teens. You may feel you are ill prepared to compete effectively in part because you yourself feel uncertain and exhausted. If that’s the case, your focus should be on changing yourself. Your children will in turn, follow suite.

Over the course of 8 years StarShine has had a profound change on children, parents, families, communities, and businesses. We are fortunate to be honored by the United Nations, the Episcopal and Catholic Church, and also with large corporations such as Toshiba and Macy’s. To date, we have conducted training seminars in Liberia for 700 teachers and to many school leaders and parents in the United Kingdom. As we open up thousands of additional schools in the coming 3 years, we are in need of administrators and teachers to be a part of StarShine.

If you are a parent, soon-to-be parent, prospective StarShine teacher or administrator, or even an individual who seeks a profound change in your life, then I highly encourage you attend our seminar events. If you have the desire to make a positive change in your life and in others please visit us at for upcoming sessions.

It’s Kind of Fun to do the Impossible.

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

May 5, 2010

There is a huge rumbling going on, not caused by the Phoenix earthquake or the volcano in Iceland, but grander than those. Families and teachers all over the world are fed up with the fact that kids hate school in astronomical numbers. Half of them leave school while, too many others continue to sit in classes while they are bored to death. And taxes continue to pay for schools to fail children and get rid of art, sports and music. Kids are not being taught to read past the third grade reading level, and then we wonder why they can’t learn in high school.

StarShine is going to change all that. We have begun a peaceful revolution to bring                                   the very best in education to each and every child. As long as one child on the planet is angry or uneducated, the rest of us are in danger. They are all wanting relevance, significance and to be lovable, either way, good or bad. It is up to us to show the pathway to being significantly good.

Jan, Ryan and I just returned from London this past Sunday night. We had been asked to provide a three-day course we created called Teachers as Leaders to a group of consultants. The venue was which was stunning and magical. It was where a group of leaders formed a secret MasterMind group to begin the European revolution. In the 17th century William Fiennes, 8th Lord Saye and Sele, opposed Charles I’s attempt to rule without Parliament and refused to take the Oath of Allegiance. Broughton Castle became a secret meeting place of the King’s opponents.  It is only a few miles from Stonehenge and Oxford. The Knights of the Round Table met there. In about 1377, an owner of the castle started Winchester College and New College, one of the most famous and academically successful of the Oxford colleges. The College is one of the main choral foundations of the University of Oxford. The College Choir has a reputation as one of the finest Anglican choirs in the world and have recorded over seventy albums. John Harvard was brought up in a nearby church and left to go to America to become the founder of Harvard University. St. Pauls, the Cathedral in London is known as the Phoenix.

Held in the seat of this rich history, we all felt as if we too, were being called to a new revolution in education; a Phoenix.

John Findlay, of accompanied us and provided the technology interface that we use for expedited learning and collective thinking results. John’s group is from Australia and is just one of many incredible technologies that we have formed partnerships with to make learning more interesting and participatory, putting us in a unique position to change the way we educate our children.

We met with some great leaders of education reform in London, where we will form partnerships to accomplish more.

We are nearing the end of the eighth year of StarShine Academy schools. Our three schools in Phoenix are full of beautiful, loving, hard working, fantastic mannered, charitable, smart, goal-oriented youth. Our schools in Africa continue to win academic and social responsibility competitions. Our teacher positions are sought after by the most incredible teachers on the planet. They win award after award and they run their classrooms as if the children in it, are their own. Our StarShine teachers are powerful, independent, free thinkers. One of them, Chris Anderson, just received one of the highest LSAT scores in history and will be leaving us to pursue his law degree at Harvard. He will continue to work for StarShine part-time and will one day represent us in our international schools.

We have developed StarShine In A Box, StarShine Boot Camp for Families, StarShine Boot Camp for Teachers, StarShine Boot Camp for Students, StarShine Boot Camp for Leaders and entire manuals on running schools efficiently. Nearly all of our processes are replicable, cheap and simple, but they all cause “the StarShine Effect.” We have created a for-profit company, StarShine Planet, to sell these processes so that someday we won’t need government funding, as it has been a pain to manage all of the budget cuts this year.

Many people think that there is no “silver bullet” in education, but there is. “The Silver Bullet” in education is to focus on each individual child as a gift to society and one that needs to be nurtured to grow to be strong and significant.

If we all focus on what is right and good, and try to do more of that, we will have less and less time to focus on those things that are not what we want.

If you are not now, we encourage you to become involved with StarShine in whatever way your heart leads you. You can become a mentor or a volunteer. You can give us paper, money or supplies. You can become a speaker to advocate for us. You can join us on Facebook and Twitter and help us to reach more people to give them hope that help is coming. On and you can apply for two separate StarShine MasterCards, which are different and absolutely beautiful, giving us monthly income from merchant fees. We are looking for financial partners for StarShine Planet to help us spread quickly.

As we near the end of this school year we have so much to be grateful for. We have accomplished great things because great people are working together.  As in Alice in Wonderland, we constantly love to think up impossible things to do. As Walt Disney said, “It is kind of fun to do the impossible.”

Trish McCarty

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