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We Have a New World

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Did you know that children of low-socioeconomic families have experienced approximately 300,000 interactions with others by the time they are five years old? Did you know that 80% of those interactions are negative?

Did you know that children of middle income or higher socioeconomic families have experienced approximately over 1,000,000 interactions by the time they are five years old? Did you know that 80% of those interactions are positive?

What does this mean to brain function and ability? The Limbic Brain, the one that controls flight or fight, high stress, is triggered to grow more dendrites when a person experiences fear or dread. Depending on how often a person must cope with fear, flight or fight, will depend on how much the Limbic Brain expands to cope with it. Fear creates emotion which secretes hormones that interfere with learning. You get the picture. We are all at risk of this at all times. We can do more for our quality of life and abilities, by staying away from things that make us fearful.

The good news is–the brain always changes, until our last breath. We can shrink the Limbic Brain’s fear hormones by growing dendrites away from it. By putting our children, and indeed ourselves into positive environments, we increase our ability to think straight and to be happy. We tell the kids to avoid “Energy sucks.” We are all better off because of it.

Can you believe a passionate guy from Google changed Egypt? Isn’t that amazingly cool? One person can make a difference. Don’t forget your reason for being here. :) Trish

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