StarShine’s Philosophy is Important to America

StarShine Academy, a K-12 charter school, opened as a community outreach project in 2002 to fulfill the needs of children and families in one of the highest crime areas in Arizona. All of the high school students had previously dropped out of school and none of the kindergartners could speak English. None of their family members had ever graduated from high school. Since then, StarShine has graduated 121 students; only 3 had previous family graduates and they graduated from StarShine. StarShine has earned high accreditation nationally with NCA and internationally, with CITA and AdvancEd, and works with the United Nations.

StarShine has provided its Teachers as Leaders Training in London, Liberia, Africa, Shanghai and throughout the U.S. We have opened model schools for refugee children, established a second pilot in Glendale, Arizona and are opening this fall in Santa Fe, New Mexico. StarShine has created a replicable model for all students to excel–and for teachers to enjoy teaching–by providing support and research for best practices, technology and the whole child, brain-based learning for body, mind, spirit, health, wealth and happiness.

StarShine Academy┬áis re-inspiring the American Dream and will one day be throughout the United States to help improve the education system for K-12, for all kids. StarShine Academy does not drop students to bring test scores up, as is standard at many schools; we work with each child as an individual learner, as long as it takes for them to achieve greatness. This philosophy has at times had an adverse effect on the scores the school attains, but it’s a price we’re willing to pay to make each child succeed.

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